Minnedemo 16

Last week I attended my first ever Minnedemo. Though it was my first Minnedemo this was actually Minnedemo 16. It was held at the Marriott Depot in Downtown Minneapolis.  Since it was my first Minnedemo I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

Overall my experience at my first Minnedemo was fantastic. I saw a number of people I knew from other events that I have been to or social gatherings and also met a number of new people as well. The reason why I enjoy going to events such as this is because of the networking aspect of it. Yes going to learn new technologies, ideas, or ways of doing things is right up there as well, but for me networking is number one.

There were many great presentations at the event as well. I think by far my favorite presentation was given by Filter8, a software built to product users with a powerful content filtering and moderation system. The amount of laughs that they got while doing their presentation was fantastic.

The other presentation that I enjoyed quite a bit was provided by Kidizen. Since I have two kids of my own and we don’t mind hand me down clothing I thought this was an awesome application. It also is a great way to sell those cloths that you no longer use as well. If you have kids of your own and always trying to figure out what to do with their clothing they no longer use I would suggest checking them out. The only unfortunate part is its currently only available on iOS.

Over all there were a number of other great presentations, all of which can be found on the Minnedemo wiki site.  I would suggest checking them out and if you are every able to make it to an event be sure to go. They do offer live streaming of the event, but I just don’t know if it would be quite the same.

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