Minneapolis WordCamp 2014

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first ever WordCamp. I’ve always been a framework developer and always looked at WordPress as just something to use for blogging. Maybe is this is because its how I have always used WordPress or maybe its because that is how I first saw WordPress. I couldn’t have you a good concrete reason. Either way you slice it, after attending WordCamp at the University of St Thomas campus, the presenters have opened my eyes to a number of different ways that everyone can benefit from using it.

Now I won’t say that when I start a new project WordPress will become my go to item. I have to believe in my heart that I will always be a framework developer mainly because that is what my “up bringing” was. I am though going to be paying a lot more attention to that community. They are doing some wonderful things that I didn’t know where possible with WordPress.

While at WordCamp this weekend I learned about a number of great things the community is doing, how they support each other, and where they are looking to go. This is something that the PHP community at a whole is doing as well. I had a number of great take a ways from the conference as well. They exposed me to VVV or Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants. Its a great way to spin up multiple WordPress instances and you can quickly switch between stable and unstable versions of WordPress while doing development. I also attended a session that suggested to drop jQuery and just use plain old javascript. I’ve always used jQuery and the session just showed me how bloated the library is. Its really difficult to convince an entire company that has been using jQuery for years to just stop using it, but I think its worth a shot.

The last thing that I got out of the WordCamp might be the most important one out of all of it. I have been looking to redesign the Midwest PHP site and also get away from Concrete 5, mainly because the folder structure confuses the hell out of me and it just doesn’t make any sense, to something different. I considered using the SunshinePHP modules that Adam Culp created. The only problem I had with possibly going that route is I would have to upload a new file any time I made a change. Going the CMS route really makes sense in my head. Jeremey Ward was also at WordCamp and we both agreed and had a great conversation that WordPress is the way we want to go with the new site for Midwest PHP 2015.

I’m looking forward to how I can push the limits on WordPress and also what I can do with it. Since I have been a professional php developer I have always used a framework to build everything and to use WordPress instead will be challenge, but I can’t wait to get started.

3 thoughts on “Minneapolis WordCamp 2014

  1. Jonathan glad you made it to WordCamp! We have a really strong WordPress community here in Mpls. Glad you were able to see a little bit of that.

    You’re not alone or wrong in the way you have seen WordPress. The difference is WordPress has been growing while you weren’t checking it out. It is staying up on the times and best practices. It blows me away when I think about how much it has changed in the last few years.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Running the Minnesota PHP User Group I know that there are many fantastic communities within the Minneapolis area. We may have to find a way for the two groups to collaborate more often. I also run the Midwest PHP conference as well. I would be interested to see how WordCamp and Midwest PHP could work together to grow the PHP community and WordPress community here in Minnesota as well.

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