Falling in love

Over the past week I have been working within my Koding environment. The more I use it the more I love it.  The part I think I like the most about it might be the fact that I could just start using any technology I want with out having to first set it up.  Though this is awesome, one could consider it a downfall as well. For instance when you sign up for your koding account, right away you have node, ruby, python, and php all installed.  This is fantastic for someone just starting out, but at the same time they should know the pain points of getting the environment configured. Continue reading

Its alive

Last night I spent some more time working on a few web sites using Koding. The more I use it the more impressed I become with the application.  The one thing that I like and dislike about it all at the same time is its minimalist interface.  You won’t find any tool bars, buttons, or menus within the application.  Everything is done via the keyboard.  For people that are used to working within terminal and a terminal editor on a daily basis, this will come natural to them.  Unfortunately for someone like me who tends to like working with menus and buttons working in Koding doing everything strictly using your keyboard does not come nature. Continue reading

Day one: the setup

This evening I signed up for my Koding account to being my 30 days of cloud development. I went with their free package since I think it will suite my needs for my little experiment.  Its hard to say that this is going to be anything but a little experiment. I plan on doing all of my side project development on this platform. Granted I currently only have one project I am officially working on right now so I don’t have to worry about the need to spin up multiple VMs. Continue reading

Everything in the cloud

A few weeks back I finally decided to take the plunge, I decided to purchase a Chromebook. In particular I purchased an HP Chromebook 11.  I’ve actually wanted to purchase them since the first Samsung Chromebook was released. Now that I have one though, I’m kind of in a pickle, what do I use it for. Continue reading