Day one: the setup

This evening I signed up for my Koding account to being my 30 days of cloud development. I went with their free package since I think it will suite my needs for my little experiment.  Its hard to say that this is going to be anything but a little experiment. I plan on doing all of my side project development on this platform. Granted I currently only have one project I am officially working on right now so I don’t have to worry about the need to spin up multiple VMs.

The nice part about using Koding, each account comes preloaded with a VM similar to a vagrant instance. The virtual machine that they provide you comes pre-loaded with PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, and Node. Pretty much what it comes down it is Koding is pre-loaded with any development environment you may need to get started.

After logging into my Koding account for the first time I am presented with the loading screen of my VM.  Much like booting up a Vagrant instance it takes a little bit of time to start up. Once the system has started up you will want to mouse over the VM and click just to the right of it on the little circle. From where you can find out the configurations on your VM and most importantly the host name of your VM.  This screen also links you to some important guides to help you get started making use of your new Koding IDE.

Once my VM was booted up and I snooped around it was time to get started setting up my environment. As previously stated for the most part they provide everything you will need to get your development work done, however I needed to make it so I can access my github account in order to do my work. Because in this day and age can you really afford to not have your code under some kind of version control?

After getting my code pulled down and just playing around in it I’m going to call it a night. So far my impressions of Koding a very strong. I’ve had one hickup but I kind of expected to hit a few since its a cloud/browse based IDE and most web based things are not prefect. I’m really looking forward to using this tool over the next 29 days.

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