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Last night I spent some more time working on a few web sites using Koding. The more I use it the more impressed I become with the application.  The one thing that I like and dislike about it all at the same time is its minimalist interface.  You won’t find any tool bars, buttons, or menus within the application.  Everything is done via the keyboard.  For people that are used to working within terminal and a terminal editor on a daily basis, this will come natural to them.  Unfortunately for someone like me who tends to like working with menus and buttons working in Koding doing everything strictly using your keyboard does not come nature.

When it comes down to it, the more I use Koding the more I am focusing on making sure I know the keyboard short cuts and minimize the amount of time I need to reach for the mouse. It’s one of the things I have been trying to focus on doing, though not doing a well of it, while working in IDE, PHPStorm,which I use at work. Many people have said that if you can good at the command line, text editor such as vim or emac, and keyboard shortcuts, you will end up coding faster since you no longer need to reach for your mouse while doing development. So far it seems to be true.

As I wrapped up day two last night on Koding I’m starting to fall in love with how easy it is to use, specifically I was working on a Sculpin application last night and I was quickly able to start up the application, generate the source code, and watch for changes. Even though this is only day two, I’m really considering making use of Koding for my day to day so long as I can make use of the language within it.

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