Falling in love

Over the past week I have been working within my Koding environment. The more I use it the more I love it.  The part I think I like the most about it might be the fact that I could just start using any technology I want with out having to first set it up.  Though this is awesome, one could consider it a downfall as well. For instance when you sign up for your koding account, right away you have node, ruby, python, and php all installed.  This is fantastic for someone just starting out, but at the same time they should know the pain points of getting the environment configured.

Now don’t take me wrong. I absolutely love the fact that I can just log into my Koding account and just type something like “gem install” or “npm install” with out first setting up ruby or node. That right there is awesome. However since i have never set up ruby before or node, I’m not sure if there are configuration options I should be aware of or pay attention to. If you want something like a database though, you are on your own for that.  That I love as well.

Tonight I was working on expanding my knowledge and my VM that is hosted on Koding.  I began to work on an api project using Strongloop Loopback.  In order to get going on this project I needed to first install mysql which I have done more times than I wish to count.  Once I had mysql installed it was just a matter of running “npm install -g strongloop” and away I went. Though I did also have to add in the mysql connector, I’m still not daring enough to jump to a “NoSQL” database one of these days I will.

What I have found though in my past week using Koding is it is incredility easy to get started with any project. Most if not all of the tools you need are right there for you to use.  So if you are looking for an environment you can jump on and start coding right away, Koding might just be that environment.

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