New Years Resolutions

Every year people make New Years resolutions.  Most of the time people tend to not stick to those resolutions or they are so outrageous that there is no way that they could keep them any ways.  Though I typically don’t make any resolutions myself I think it might be time to start, and to start small. Honestly I don’t know if I would call them resolutions or more like goals for 2014.  Hopefully by the end of the year I can have some way of measuring if I met the goals or not. Continue reading

Inaugural MidwestPHP

Wow what a ride. What an amazing ride. Over the course of the past six months Mike Stowe and I planed out MidwestPHP. It was to be first PHP conference to be held within Minnesota. We set out to bring speakers from around the United States and from around the world to the local PHP community of Minnesota and provide them something they have never had before. It was not a small task by any means, but we were up to the challenge. During our march towards running our first conference we ran into a few of speed bumps, however nothing was going to stop us from achieving our goal. Continue reading

Learning is half the battle

Over the course of my Christmas vacation I decided to completely revamp my personal blog. My original goal was to merly make the entire site a responsive design. Once I started to play around with Twitter Bootstrap, I ultimately decided to ditch my current WordPress implementation and try my hand at one of the micro frameworks I learned about at Codeworks 2012: Madison. To my surprise after a few minor hickups I was able to get the entire site up and running within only a few hours. Continue reading

Client-side JavaScript testing

With the direction in which the web is moving more and more of our code is being pushed to the client side and off of our backend servers. This opens developers up to more challenges with making sure we don’t break our frontend code in the same fashion as we have done for years with our backend code. Developers for many years now have written unit tests that can be run over and over again to verify that any minor or major change will not break our existing code base and that the application runs as it did before prior to the change. Continue reading

IE8 and ISO Date Format

Oh IE8, or even IE for that matter, how I dislike having to create hacks in code just for you. Today is looking to be one of those days. This morning while trying to resolve a bug in parsing a date in IE8 using a standard ISO timestamp I had the wonderful fortune to find out that they are not supported in IE8. Yup that’s is correct. IE8 does not support standard ISO timestamps, only non-standard ISO timestamps. Continue reading

Tail of two servers

Over the past weekend I was asked by a good friend to set up a second linux server for him to do database backups of his primary server linux server I set up a few weeks back. The original server I set up for him was a CentOS 5 server so that he could run MantisBT bug tracking software. Honestly it’s a great piece of software for what he is looking to do, which is mainly track trouble tickets from different customers. Continue reading